Luisa in acquamarina



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ORIGINKingdom of the Two Sicilies
STYLEBorbonico Luigi Filippo
STRUCTUREItalian walnut
UPHOLSTERYFloral acquamarina 100% cotton
DIMENSIONS(cm) w 47 x h 97 x d 44
(inch) w 19 x h 38 x d 17

Our Luisa in aquamarine delivers an unexpected twist to the ambiance of your home. The turquoise color suggests seaside beauty and invites you to think about your next holiday destination. The splendid flowers of the upholstery are detailed and refined, bringing artful sophistication to your rooms. Add a hint of surprise to your bathroom with our beautiful Luisa and her high-spirited aquamarine pattern. The delicate exotic flowers contrast playfully with the Italian walnut, making Luisa a statement piece in your space and a lively topic of conversation.

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