Carlotta in limone verde



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ORIGINKingdom of the Two Sicilies
STYLEBorbonico Luigi Filippo
STRUCTUREGolden Italian walnut
UPHOLSTERYGreen lemon velvet
DIMENSIONS(cm) w 59 x h 105 x d 48
(inch) w 23 x h 41.5 x d 19

The pop of Carlotta’s lemon green velvet adds a vivacious touch to your living room or bedroom. With her magnificent gold-painted wood, she offers opulence and extravagance, celebrating nineteenth century Italy. Her magnificent, sculpted wood elevates Carlotta to a piece of art to be observed and enjoyed for many years to come. Place her in any room and let her unique design be a head-turning piece. The boldness of her upholstery and finishing combines to uplift the comfort and elegance of your home. Carlotta in lemon green is refurbished to celebrate her timelessness.

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