Upcycled Stools

Searching for an item in your home that can give that touch of elegance?
Our Victorian stools are the ideal addition to any living room, bedroom or bathroom with the playfulness of their fabrics and finishes. Let the corner of any room roar with vibrancy as the tiger print of our stools invites itself to your space. Give an extra pop to a neutral-colored interior with the vibrancy of our floral patterns. Always missing a place to seat your guests around your dinner table? Welcome your loved ones with our exceptionally restored vintage stools featuring a comfortable seat and aesthetic finishes. The excellence of the craftsmanship highlights the sublime history and culture embedded in this antique piece of furniture. We seek head-turning furniture in vintage shops and flea markets around Italy to beautify and uplift the mood of your home. The time-honored techniques are magnified with sophisticated upholstery that renews the elegance of the piece. With the detailed carving of the wood, our stools are like modern sculpture, becoming the perfect décorative addition. Enjoy their lively presence in any room as they serve the ambiance of your home. The tropical and floral upholstery permeates any space with the wonders of the natural world and refreshes your interior space effortlessly.

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