Repurposed Mirrors

Looking for a stylish way to give depth to your living room or bedroom without overdressing your walls? Browse through our vintage mirrors and explore the many ways to majestically décorate your walls. Our early 19th century Italian mirrors give a royal presence by enhancing the richness of your home. Hung up on a wall, they will add a hint of drama to your space thanks to the sophisticated and elegant shapes of our framed mirrors. Set down and resting on your floor, they convey a bohemian chic attitude. Simply adding one of our refurbished mirrors to the blank canvas of your wall or creating a composition of multiple mirrors on your walls allows a beautiful presence of light and liveliness. The gold finishes illuminate your space with panache, rendering a glistening and glittering dimension to any space. The elegant design of our mirrors brings sophistication into your home, enriching its atmosphere. We scout our mirrors in vintage and antique flea markets throughout Italy and carefully select them to showcase the authenticity of the craftsmanship. We restore them and rejuvenate the look of timeless styles from the 18th and 19th centuries.
Fantasize in front of our vintage mirrors and reimagine your space with the infinite reflections they can create. Your walls convey a new light, with the glowing gold finishes and attractive mirror, uplifting the mood and energy of your rooms. Offer your walls a renewed life with our splendid refurbished antique mirrors.

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