Upcycled Armchairs

Designing your own space is more important than ever, especially as the line between home and work blurs. Our exceptional late 18th Century Victorian armchairs create unexpected juxtapositions that lift a contemporary interior out of the ordinary and make people sit up and take notice. Turn past treasures into meaningful objects for your home with our charming armchairs. The richness of our velvet fabrics enhances their antique aspect and channels the time-honored techniques of exceptional craftsmanship. Our selection of vintage armchairs is curated by a team of expert professionals who guarantee high quality authentic items to embellish your spaces. We extend the life of well-loved pieces by restoring and refurbishing furniture imbued with fascinating history. Sophisticated contemporary upholstery plays with the soft antique wood of our mid-century armchairs to give depth to your space. Daydream on the comfortable seat of our restored chairs or appreciate the delicate aesthetic of their finishes. Our armchairs are the perfect chic addition to your living room or bedroom. Travel back in time with the 18th and 19th century finishes and enjoy the contemporary twist of our refined makeovers. The seductive feel of the velvet fabrics and head-turning wood sculpting will offer sensational quality to your rooms for many years to come.

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